TOP Affilied Tournament Organizer

Becomes a TOP Affilied Tournament Organizer is very easy!
All that you need is register to our TOP Organizer Loyalty Program, compiling the form in your right side.

Being a TOP Affilied Tournament Organizer means being able to organize official SuperFinal Qualifiers, T-OPen Trials or any other TOP Tournaments that give our TOP-Points and TOP Credits to all players attending, as the following tables shows.

Players likes to think to win special TOP-Points and TOP Credits only with their partecipation, and increase it according to the final leaderboard ranking. This will be a very good reason to increase the number of participants in your tournaments.

TOP Organizer Loyalty Program

Organize your tournaments and we reward you!

Joining our program, every organizer will receive TO-Points (Organizer Points) that will allow him to get products for his shop, organize TOP events or use TOP services, all for free.
Earning TO-Points is very easy: just to organize a TOP Official Tournament (see the details in TOP-Store Program)! You will be supported by us receiving advertising, gadgets and prizes for your players.

Inside the following table there are TO-Points relative to tournaments organized

TO-Points Table

TOP Tournament TO-Points
TO-Points Bonus TO-Points Total
SuperFinal Qualifier (Silver) 350 - 350
SuperFinal Qualifier (Gold) 350 +50 400
SuperFinal Qualifier (Platinum) 350 +200 550
T-OPen Trial (Silver) 100 - 100
T-OPen Trial (Gold) 100 +20 120
T-OPen Trial (Platinum) 100 +50 150
Casual TOP Tournament 30 - 30

TOP Organizer Rewards Catalog

Use your TO-Points to get our great prizes for free.
Inside the following table there are TO-Points relative to tournaments organized

TOP Tournament TO-Points
Event organization - SuperFinal Qualifier Platinum TO-Points: 2500
50x TOP Rock sleeves (HyperMat) TO-Points: 2000
Event organization - SuperFinal Qualifier Gold TO-Points: 1700
Event organization - SuperFinal Qualifier Silver TO-Points: 1300
8x Printed Playmat TO-Points: 1200
50x TOP Light sleeves (trasparent, Ultra Fit) TO-Points: 1100
50x Deck Protector TO-Points: 900
20x TOP Rock sleeves (HyperMat) TO-Points: 850
4x Printed Playmat TO-Points: 650
8x Blank Playmat (White) TO-Points: 650
Event organization - Trial Silver TO-Points: 500
10x TOP Rock sleeves (HyperMat) TO-Points: 450
20x TOP Light sleeves (trasparent, Ultra Fit) TO-Points: 450
20x Deck Protector TO-Points: 380
2x Printed Playmat TO-Points: 350
4x Blank Playmat (White) TO-Points: 350
10x TOP Light sleeves (trasparent, Ultra Fit) TO-Points: 250
10x Deck Protector TO-Points: 200
2x Blank Playmat (White) TO-Points: 200

Register as Affilied TO

Enter in TOP Organizer Loyalty Program

Name of Shop
Zip Code
TO's full name
Privacy Permission
I hereby authorize owner of digital data to use and process my personal details contained in this form

TOP Credits Table

Players partecipating to your TOP Tournament will receive TOP Credits as shown below:

  • +5 TOP Credits: partecipation
  • +20 TOP Credits: Top 32
  • +30 TOP Credits: Top 16
  • +50 TOP Credits: Top 5-8
  • +100 TOP Credits: Top 3-4
  • +200 TOP Credits: Finalist
  • +500 TOP Credits: Winner

TOP-Points Table

Players partecipating to your TOP Tournament will receive TOP-Points as shown inside the following table:

Ranking SuperFinal
Winner Qualified to SuperFinal 150 -
Finalist 200 70 -
TOP4 150 50 -
TOP8 80 30 16+
TOP16 50 20 32+
TOP32 30 10 64+
Partecipation 15 5 -

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