November, 18 2016 - T-OPen SCG IQ #5

Rules to request an Official Trial valid for TOP Series

1) TOs can only organize an T-OPen Trial if he's a partner of TOP Group

2) T-OPen Trials must be sanctioned

3) T-OPen Trials must be approved (email confirmation)

4) TOs will receive gadgets and prizes for all players attending the trial (lifepads, pens, sleeves, token and more)

5) The Winner of the T-OPen Trial gets FREE Entry at the next TOP Series event (in the respective format)

6) TOs can only organize one Trial per format (max. four Trials in total) valid for the same TOP Series stage

7) Neither the TO (or TOP Group partner) nor the judge may play in the Trial


- We will accept request from TO until November, sunday 13 2016

- TOP Official Trials have to be sanctioned until November, sunday 06 2016

If you want to request your Trial, please contact us to:

TOP Series Trial requested for Main Event during convention TOP European Series

  Date Shop or Partner City Country Format Players
  September, 17 2016 Najada Prague Czech Republic Legacy JAN LEOPOLD (DCI: 79230342)
  October, 02 2016 ACME FUMETTI @ DINTORNI PESCARA Italy Modern
  November, 06 2016 PODŘIPSKİ MAGIC KLUB ROUDNICE NAD LABEM Czech Republic Modern Oldrich Eder (DCI: 5300066913)
  November, 10 2016 Brno Czech Republic Modern Maxim Matula (DCI: 8213649162)
  November, 12 2016 TOLARIE.CZ PARDUBICE Czech Republic Modern Jacob Trulik (DCI: 7203772913)
  November, 13 2016 COMICS COLLECTION CATANIA Italy Modern
  November, 13 2016 Bazinga Catania Italy Legacy