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At the time of this writing, it is 09:30 am on Saturday, so the good news is that we'll have plenty of coverage for today's (Modern) and tomorrow's (Legacy) events.
The bad news is that we can't provide you with an in-depth look at yesterday's events (the Standard and the Vintage tournaments). Without further ado, let's delve right into it.

Standard Tournament

47 players showed up for the event and they fought for 2.200,- EUR in prizes. That's definitely not the worst money / player ratio.

According to the judges that worked the event, we saw quite a few different control decks, Esper Dragons and UB Dragons. The one standout deck was a new take on the UB control deck that sported Darksteel Citadel and Thopter Spy Network. It wasn't the only home for Darksteel Citadel; we also saw it popping up in WU Artifact decks. The only other decks that raised some eyebrows were GB, making the most of Collected Company as well as Mono Blue decks.

Thanks to the high number of control decks, the tournament finished a little later than the Vintage event. The finals were an all French affair with Julien Berteaux and his RG Dragons deck going up against Paul Briceno piloting Sultai Megamorph. Berteaux gained the upper hand and walked away with a big cheque and an even bigger smile on his face.

Vintage Tournament

Vintage was also drawing some good numbers; it was just 4 players behind the Standard event.

Regarding the interesting decks in this format, the judges mentioned a Stacker deck that made use of Sword of Fire and Ice. Doing some research on the matter, I found a forum thread that dated back to March 2004 (!) where someone claimed that the Sword is "the nut forever". Apparently, he was right as it's still playing a role more than a decade later.

Other interesting decks made use of a Ravager in the main deck and we've also seen Porcelain Legionnaire sneaking in to quite a few sideboards, more and more becoming a viable option in certain match-ups.
Still, when looking at the numbers in the metagame breakdown, we could tell that many of the trends from the MKM Series #1 - Rome continued this weekend.

Pablo Ambrogio Dominguez made sure that the title would once again go to Spain (after Rodrigo Togores won the same event in Rome already), overcoming his countryman Alfonso Baragias in the finals. It certainly appears like Spain is the country to beat when it comes to Vintage.
Ambrogio Dominguez played MUD and, according to the judges, he put on a great show, never committing to a single mistake over the course of the event. While Baragias tried everything to keep up with his Gush Mentor deck, in the end, it wasn't enough and Ambrogio Dominguez made the trip home with a trophy in his backpack.

That's it with our short wrap-up of yesterday's events, stay tuned for more action from the events today and also make sure to check out our photo gallery on facebook where we will upload photos throughout the day.


Interview with Julien Berteaux


Julien Berteaux didn't expect to do all that well when he showed up on Friday morning for the MKM Series's Standard Event. In fact, he only decided to make the trip to Toulouse 3 days earlier, leaving him with no time to test. He hit up some of his friends, asking for cards and fortunately, they were able to provide him with what he thought could be considered the "deck to beat" (RG Dragons).

Asked about the metagame in the event, he shared that he saw a lot of control decks that were doing pretty well, especially against the devotion decks that also used to be rather popular. His own deck worked best against Abzan Control, mostly because it can do so many different things. The key card in the control match-ups, according to him, is the Elemental.

His way to victory couldn't exactly be described as a straight line. He saw a lot of diversity in the deck choices of his opponents, going up against decks like Sultai Megamorph (in the finals), UB Control (in the semi finals) and UW Control, two Abzan decks and Warrior Aggro during the Swiss portion of the event. Interestingly enough, the meta has shifted in just the last two weeks. "Back then", you should have expected a lot more aggressive strategies. I asked him whether he preferred aggressive or more controlish metagames and this is what he had to say:

"I personally prefer playing against Mid Range decks; it just feels really bad when you play a big creature and they then just Wrath the board or find a good removal. It's much more fun when your opponent has to fight a little to remove your threats again."

Just like the game could sometimes get a little tricky for his opponents once he dropped a big threat, it was also somewhat hard for him to find some the way to victory at times.
"Very often, my opponents have a lot of creatures on the board and you then start looking for options to continue attacking, like a flying creature."

That is, if he doesn't have enough mana. In that case, it's an entirely different affair, with him being able to drop a 20/20 creature that will wrap things up in no time.

Today, he is playing in the Modern event rather than the All Star National. He figured that he would have twice as many shots at making his money back by enrolling in an event today and then another one tomorrow rather than playing in one big event all weekend. With a 2 - 1 - 1 record at the time of this writing, chances are he will have to enroll in yet another event to walk away with a few more prizes. He explained that he drew against RUG Delver; he probably could have won, but not within the time limit as the first game lasted quite a long time.

Then again, there's always the Super Finals, a new goal that Julien now feels like pursuing. At the end of the first MKM Series, the best 32 players of every of the four formats, will be able to enroll in an exclusive invitation only event. They event is completely free and the winner will have yet another shot at locking up a second 1.000 EUR voucher for MKM! There are plans to hold this event at the first stop of the MKM Series in 2016, but there's also the possibility that we'll get to see these elite players colliding in Madrid later this year. If you want to share your opinion on the matter, feel free to join our facebook group and share it there -

Video - Feature Matches

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TOP8 - Bracket

Henry Julien (Abzan Control) 0  
Pison Remi (Esper Dragons) 2  
Pola Alex (Esper Dragons) 0  
Briceno Paul (Sultai Megamorph) 2  
Le Marec Manuel (UB Artifact) 2  
Maisonneuve Erwan (Mono Red) 0  
Berteaux Julien (RG Dragons) 2  
Boinet Eric (Abzan Control) 0  
Pison Remi 0  
Briceno Paul 2  
Le Marec Manuel 0  
Berteaux Julien 2  
Briceno Paul 0  
Berteaux Julien 2  
Berteaux Julien

TOP8 - Players

Henry Julien


Deck: Abzan Control

Pison Remi


Deck: Esper Dragons

Pola Alex


Deck: Esper Dragons

Briceno Paul


Deck: Sultai Megamorph

Le Marec Manuel


Deck: UB Artifact

Maisonneuve Erwan


Deck: Mono Red

Berteaux Julien


Deck: RG Dragons

Boinet Eric


Deck: Abzan Control

TOP8 - Decklist

Metagame Breakdown


RG Monster -> 5 (11.11%)

Abzan Control -> 5 (11.11%)

Mardu Dragons -> 4 (8.88%)

Esper Dragons -> 4 (8.88%)

UW Artifact -> 3 (6.66%)

Mono Red -> 3 (6.66%)

Abzan Megamorph -> 2 (4.44%)

Sultai Control -> 2 (4.44%)

UB Control -> 2 (4.44%)

BG Elves -> 2 (4.44%)

Other -> 13 (28.94%)

Live Standings

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Final Leaderboard

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