MKM Series #3 Prague - Main Event Standard

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October 16, 2015 - Written by Oliver Gehrmann

Emanuele Giusti is your Standard Champion!

This weekend, the MKM Series has arrived in the beautiful Czech capital in Prague! It has been 3 long days full of exciting Magic action, with hotly contested action across Vintage, Legacy, Standard and Modern.

52 players showed up with the latest iterations of Atarka Red, GW Megamorph, Abzan Aggro and Jeskai Black decks for our Standard event, and while you might be thinking that this translated to a somewhat one-sided metagame, you couldn't be further from the truth. Overall, more than 15 different archetypes were represented in the hall, but it was Emanuele Giusti who emerged triumphant with Atarka Red, the veteran player emerging triumphant with a 2-0 win over Josef Vlach's 5-colour midrange to seal the series. 


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October 16, 2015 - Written by Oliver Gehrmann

Player Profile Andreas Dippon

Andreas Dippon from Munich made the trip to Prague together with three of his friends. While the tra...

Video - Feature Matches

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TOP8 - Bracket

Andreas Dippon (Kazandu Ramp) 0  
Jacob Tobias (-) 2  
Jiri Vanek (GW Megamorph) 0  
Josef Vlach (5C Midrange) 2  
Emanuele Giusti (Atarka Red) 2  
Klára Celikovska (Dark Jeskai) 0  
Tom Böttcher (G/W Megamorph) 2  
Benjamin Schwaiger (Atarka Red) 0  
Jacob Tobias 0  
Josef Vlach 2  
Emanuele Giusti 2  
Tom Böttcher 0  
Josef Vlach 0  
Emanuele Giusti 2  
Emanuele Giusti

Congratulations to Emanuele Giusti, winner of the Standard Event of the MKM Series #3 in Prague!

TOP8 - Players

Andreas Dippon


Deck: Kazandu Ramp

Jiri Vanek


Deck: GW Megamorph

Josef Vlach


Deck: 5C Midrange

Emanuele Giusti


Deck: Atarka Red

Klára Celikovska


Deck: Dark Jeskai

Tom Böttcher


Deck: G/W Megamorph

Benjamin Schwaiger


Deck: Atarka Red

Jacob Tobias


Deck: -

TOP8 - Decklist

Metagame Breakdown


Atarka Red -> 10 (19.23%)

Abzan Aggro -> 6 (11.53%)

Jeskai Black -> 6 (11.53%)

G/W Megamorph -> 5 (9.61%)

Abzan Control -> 5 (9.61%)

5-C Dragons -> 3 (5.76%)

Esper Dragons -> 3 (5.76%)

Mardu Control -> 3 (5.76%)

Other -> 11 (21.21%)

Live Standings

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Final Leaderboard

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