MKM Series #4 Madrid - Main Event Standard

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December 18, 2015 - Written by Oliver Gehrmann

Eliott Boussaud takes the trophy of Standard Champion in Madrid!

This weekend, the MKM Series stopped for a fourth and final time in 2015 and it did so in the beautiful Spanish capital Madrid. It's the last time in 2015 where we'll be handing out plenty of cash prizes that can be won in not one but four different main events that are spread out over three days of exciting Magic action!


The Standard event marked a great opening for the weekend and we were able to attract 114 players - more than double the size of the Standard tournament in Prague. The top three decks stayed the same, but there was a shift in the form of Atarka Red losing the lead and dropping to third place in terms of most popular decks. Abzan claimed the throne this weekend, with Jeskai Black ending up on second place.


Eliott Boussaud, who had already won a Grand Prix earlier this year, continued his little win streak and claimed the title of Standard Champion in the Spanish capital. He had already dominated the touranment during the Swiss rounds, entering the Top 8 in first place after 8 rounds of competition.


As always, you can find our official gallery on facebook. We have updated this page with a complete metagame breakdown as well as the top 8 decks and profiles.

December 18, 2015 - Written by Oliver Gehrmann

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Video - Feature Matches

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TOP8 - Bracket

Juan Picón Alonso (Atarka Red) 2  
Patrick Chhen (UB Aristocrats) 0  
Juan Zapata (Abzan) 0  
Ludvig Banke Føhns (Jeskai Black) 2  
Alberto Galicia (Abzan Aggro) 2  
Borja López Benito (Mardu Midrange) 0  
Eliott Boussaud (Jeskai Black) 2  
David Solano (Aggro) 0  
Juan Picón Alonso 2  
Ludvig Banke Føhns 0  
Alberto Galicia 0  
Eliott Boussaud 2  
Juan Picón Alonso 0  
Eliott Boussaud 2  
Eliott Boussaud

Congratulations to Eliott Boussaud, the winner of the Standard event at MKM Series Madrid!

TOP8 - Players

Ludvig Banke Føhns


Deck: Jeskai Black

Borja López Benito


Deck: Mardu Midrange

Alberto Galicia


Deck: Abzan Aggro

Patrick Chhen


Deck: UB Aristocrats

Juan Picón Alonso


Deck: Atarka Red

David Solano


Deck: Aggro

Juan Zapata


Deck: Abzan

Eliott Boussaud


Deck: Jeskai Black

TOP8 - Decklist

Metagame Breakdown


Abzan -> 32 (30.76%)

Jeskai Black -> 19 (18.26%)

Atarka Red -> 11 (10.57%)

Esper Dragons -> 10 (9.61%)

Rally -> 9 (8.65%)

Eldrazi Ramp -> 5 (4.8%)

Esper Control -> 3 (2.88%)

Mardu -> 3 (2.88%)

Other -> 12 (11.59%)

Live Standings

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Final Leaderboard

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