The main goal of each player is to access the TOP SuperFinals during which it will be appointed the four Champions of each format.
During the SuperFinals four main events will be played 'by invitation', one for each format: Vintage, Legacy, and Modern Standard.

SuperFinal is a tournament that will be played after the current year of TOP European Series, during the first stage of the following season. For this occasion, the new stage will be planned in four days.

Superfinal will be open only to the following players:

-> Players with 700+ TOP-Points

Access to the TOP SuperFinals is allowed to all those players which have accumulated at least 700 TOP-Points during the calendar year. Accumulate TOP Points is really easy; just to participate in official TOP Tournaments. Furthermore, additional TOP Points will be given to all those players who are ranked in the Top32 (depending on the number of total players) for every TOP Tournament. The total of TOP Points given is shown in the following table:

Ranking T-OPen
Winner Qualified Qualified 150 50 -
Finalist 350 200 70 40 -
TOP4 250 150 50 30 -
TOP8 150 80 30 20 16+
TOP16 80 50 20 15 32+
TOP32 50 30 10 10 64+
Partecipation 25 15 5 5 -

-> TOP Series Main Leaderboard - Top32 Players

At the end of TOP Series, all Top32 players of each format will have access to SuperFinal.
For the calculation of the Main Leaderboard, the score obtained by each player will be the sum of Swiss Points more Bonus Points according to Top8 ranking .

Top8 Bonus is following:

  • +20 Points: WINNER
  • +15 Points: FINALIST
  • +10 Points: TOP 3-4
  • +5 Points: TOP 5-8

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-> T-OPen Series Winners

For each T-OPen Series, the winners of the four Main Event (Vintage, Legacy, Modern, Standard) will be qualified directly to the SuperFinal.

-> SuperFinal Qualifier Winners

As explained above, external tournaments organized by affilied TO, could be considered valid within the TOP European Series. The winners of these tournaments, called Superfinal Qualifier, will win direct access to the Superfinal.
To know how to became an affilied TO, Click Here

Current players with access to SuperFinal

This leaderboard contains players with 700+ TOP-Points, winners of TOP Series and SuperFinal Qualifier and players ranked within the Top32 single leaderboard (of four formats).

No players already classified to SuperFinal