T-OPen Trial

The T-OPen Trial are special tournaments that allow to Win Free Entry valid for TOP European Series main event. T-OPen Trial must be played in Vintage, Legacy, Modern or Standard format and will be valid for the same format of Top Series Main Event. Depending on the total number of partecipants, Free Entry can also be assigned to multiple players. The table below shows the prizes and relative number of partecipants.

Tot Players Prizes Players awarded
16+ Free Entry Winner
64+ Free Entry Winner + Finalist
128+ Free Entry All Top4 Players

Who can organize a T-OPen Trial?

As I said, T-OPen Trial tournaments are special, and therefore can only be arranged by affilied Shops and TO.
The planning and organization is granted only to authorized shops and TO that joined the TOP Loyalty Program.

For further details about how to join our loyalty program, Click Here

All players participating in this tournament will receive anyway TOP-Points for their partecipation and for their final ranking.
The total of TOP Points given is shown in the following table:

Ranking TOP-Points Min
Winner 150 -
Finalist 70 -
TOP4 50 -
TOP8 30 16+
TOP16 20 32+
TOP32 10 64+
Partecipation 5 -

How to organize a T-OPen Trial?

TOP Trials can only be conducted by accredited tournament organizer (TOP Group partner) or WPN stores.


1) TOs can only organize an T-OPen Trial if he's a partner of TOP Group

2) T-OPen Trials must be sanctioned

3) T-OPen Trials must be approved (email confirmation)

4) TOs will receive gadgets and prizes for all players attending the trial (lifepads, pens, sleeves, token and more)

5) The Winner of the T-OPen Trial gets FREE Entry at the next TOP Series event (in the respective format)

6) TOs can only organize one Trial per format (max. four Trials in total) valid for the same TOP Series stage

7) Neither the TO (or TOP Group partner) nor the judge may play in the Trial

Note: If one or more condition are violated, trial will be automatically invalidated and so cancelled.

  • To see the products (gift, gadgets, prizes, etc) included in the Trial package Click Here
  • To request a Trial you have to register before as Affilied TO Clicking Here. Then, enter into your Private Area (after login) and send the request

Current T-OPen Trial Tournaments

No Trials available