TOP-Store Program - SuperFinal Qualifier

Many benefits for you and your players

The SuperFinal Qualifier are special tournaments that allow to access directly the Superfinal. These tournaments are not part of the TOP European Series, and the scores from players not going to add up to those of the main leaderboard.
The big benefit to win a SuperFinal Qualifier is to partecipate to Superfinal even if you don't have enough TOP-Points or not be within the Top32 rankings of Top Series Main Leaderboard.

SuperFinal Qualifier tournaments are special, and therefore can only be arranged by affilied Shops and TO.
The planning and organization is granted only to authorized shops and TO that joined the TOP Loyalty Program.

In the following tables there are costs and benefits that TOs will receive.
There are more than one kind of tournaments depending the prizes received.

SuperFinal Qualifier Silver Gold Platinum
Price 60€ 100€ 150€
Free Entry for SuperFinal 1 1 2
Table tents 25 35 50+
Exclusive Playmat 1 2 8
Sleeves (Matte/Lucid) 4 8 8
Sleeves (Trasparent HyperFit) 4 8 8
Token 8 16 32
TOP-Points for Players
TO-Points for Shop 350 400 550
TOP Group + TOP Series Facebook page advertising
TOP European Series tournament list
TOP Newsletter listing
On Demand Services      
Coverage Platform 100€ 75€ 50€
WER file sending
Photo of Winner sending