TOP-Store Program - Casual Tournament

Many benefits for you and your players

TOP Group support every affilied TOs that wants to organize whatever tournament of any format inside their shop. Any of these Casual Tournaments can be organized under the brand TOP to rewards players and TO with our special TOP Credit, TOP Points and TO-Points.
Moreover, we will support TOs as usual with merchandising to use during their tournaments, like pens, lifepads, etc.

In the following tables there are costs and benefits that TOs will receive.
There are more than one kind of tournaments depending the prizes received.

Casual Tournament Silver Gold Platinum
Price 20€ 50€ 80€
Table tents - 10 20
Exclusive Playmat - 1 1
Sleeves (Matte/Lucid) - 4 8
Sleeves (Trasparent HyperFit) - 4 8
Token 8 8 16
TOP-Points for Players
TO-Points for Shop 20 30 40
On Demand Services      
Coverage Platform 150€ 100€ 50€
Judge - - -
WER file sending - - -
Photo of Winner sending - - -