Official SuperFinal Qualifiers

Rules to request an Official SuperFinal Qualifier

1) TOs can only organize a SuperFinal Qualifier if they at least have an Advanced WPN-Store Level accreditation or partner of TOP

2) SuperFinal Qualifier have to be sanctioned

3) SuperFinal Qualifier have to be approved by the TO of the TOP Series (email confirmation)

5) TOs get a TOP merchandising package for each SuperFinal Qualifier organized (lifepads, pens and more)

6) The Winner of the SuperFinal Qualifier gets FREE entrance to SuperFinal

If you want to request your SuperFinal Qualifier, please contact us to:

SuperFinal Qualifier requested

  Date Shop or Partner City Country Format Players
  March, 18 2016 TMT TORINO Italy Modern
  March, 19 2016 TMT TORINO Italy Legacy
  March, 21 2016 No Shop Senigallia Italy Vintage
  April, 17 2016 GG-GOODGAME EMPOLI Italy Modern